A Ticktok Thumb Extends to the Length of an iPhone 8 Screen


A tiktok thumb is an extremely long hand, and one artist has created one which extends to 5.5 inches in length. This is the same length as a PS10 note, or the width of an iPhone 8 screen. This remarkable feat is the work of Jacob Pina. His work has gained more than 2.5 million views since it was uploaded to YouTube last August.

Jacob Pina’s tiktok thumb extends to 5.5 inches

Jacob Pina is a YouTube sensation who has an extremely long thumb. His thumb is normally about two inches in length, but it can reach 5.5 inches when stretched. He has posted videos of his thumb growing to nearly 1 million followers. Pina said he’s never experienced any pain while extending his thumb. His left thumb, however, is shorter than his right thumb.

Pina has become popular on YouTube, posting videos of himself showing off his long thumb and comparing it to different objects. He first noticed that his thumb was longer than average when he was a freshman in high school. He learned how to extend his thumb during his freshman year.

Pina’s mom confirmed that his long thumb is real. She noticed the same thing as her son, and even made jokes about it. He has also been using the thumb to play video games. When he was growing up, Pina’s mom used to tease him about his long thumb.

It’s the width of a piece of paper

Jacob Pina, a student in Massachusetts, posted a video of his thumb on the TikTok app showcasing the size of his thumb compared to other fingers. His thumb measures a little more than five inches, which is the width of a sheet of A5 paper. The video went viral, with over 150k followers. Jacob has no idea how he came by his thumb’s ridiculous proportions, but it’s certainly a talking point.

Pina’s thumb is so long that his other fingers appear dwarfish next to it. His thumb is the width of a sheet of A5 paper and the length of a Bic ballpoint pen. While he doesn’t know exactly how he got such an enormous thumb, he is proud of it.

It’s the length of an iPhone 8 screen

Jacob Pina’s video of his thumb spanning the length of an iPhone 8 screen has gone viral after his TikTok followers noticed the size of his thumb. The video has more than two million views and has garnered him 150k followers. The video has received positive reactions from users, and Pina is now known as ‘Thumb Boy’.

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