Create a Spotify-Style Photo Effect With a Gradient Map


You can create a Spotify-style photo effect by using a Photoshop Gradient Map. This effect is similar to Spotify’s Duotone Photo Effect, but with different colours. Chris Spooner, a top UK graphic designer, first discussed the Duotone effect in 2015. Since then, he has been working to recreate the effect, creating a free Photoshop Gradient Map with 40 different vibrant colour combinations.


Rather than sticking to a solid color palette, Amdocs uses gradients to create a dynamic and memorable experience. The gradient design works well on dark backgrounds, and the company’s key messaging stands out. The gradient-based typography makes it easy to recognize the company’s brand messaging and highlights the company’s logo and tagline.

The company’s website also features a colorful gradient. The gradients flow from one color to the next to create an interesting effect. One popular choice is a lava-like effect, which can be an eye-catching way to draw attention. Another choice is a radial pattern, which creates a pattern with overlapping colors.

Air Ocean Cargo

Like Recess, Air Ocean Cargo’s gradients play along with the music. As the visitor clicks through the website, the gradient changes color and changes shape in sync with the beat. It even changes color when the visitor changes the song or puts their music on hold.

Pitney Bowes

Gradients are popular in website design, and Spotify is no exception. The company uses a vibrant gradient on its home page and in its hero image. The online music streaming service also uses duotone imagery throughout its site. While they have been around for a long time, Spotify users are just now becoming more familiar with this kind of artwork.


With its recent redesign, Spotify has ignited a fiery debate in the design community. Some liked the new look while others criticized it as looking like a Photoshop preset. Gradients have become increasingly common in branding, whether as a background, image overlay, or subtle texture on user interface elements. Spotify’s new logo has become a recognizable symbol.

Gradients are ranges of position-dependent colors, and can be based on a single color or two. In addition to being used as backgrounds, gradients can also be used to enhance UI elements, such as buttons. These effects can help create depth and add spark to an image.

IntuiFace also includes a design assistant to help users customize the look of collections. Its machine learning engine learns user preferences and offers design suggestions. It also includes improved drawing tools on Windows, including new erasers, unlimited undo stacks, and the ability to draw backwards. It also incorporates 64-bit support, which increases the platform’s capacity to display large amounts of memory-intensive content, and improves performance under heavy loads.

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