Genesis to Use Apple CarKey in Mid-2022

A new report says that luxury carmaker Genesis will adopt Apple’s CarKey technology in mid-2022. CarKey lets iPhone owners unlock their cars and start them with a touch of a button. The report was backed by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman who found references to Genesis vehicles in Apple Pay’s source code. Apple Pay piggybacks on CarKey to allow iPhone owners to control their cars. Genesis hasn’t confirmed the reports yet, but confirmed that they will be using digital key technology.


Hyundai is close to adding support for the Apple CarKey digital car key, a feature that enables compatible cars to be unlocked with the smartphone’s Wallet app. The news comes as the Korean automaker and Apple have been tussling over whether or not to collaborate on an electric vehicle. If they do, expect the feature to roll out on the company’s Genesis lineup in the summer. Hyundai’s IONIQ 5 electric vehicle may also be included, if it is made available in the future.

The CarKey digital key is expected to launch in the fall of 2020, and is currently available in a small number of BMW models. After the launch of the new Genesis vehicle in January 2021, it will be available for more Hyundai models and the Genesis brand. As of this time, the digital key will only work in Korea, but it is expected to roll out to other regions as the vehicle rolls out. While Hyundai hasn’t confirmed the technology, this news is certainly a big deal for consumers.

The Genesis GV60 will be the second vehicle to support the improved iOS 15 Car Key capabilities. It is the first electric vehicle in the Genesis family and follows the G80 hybrid. The GV60 will also offer Ultra Wideband Car Key support, which is currently available on the BMW 2022 iX. As far as price goes, the GV60 Performance AWD starts at $67,890. But, if you’re not prepared to pay $67,890, you might want to consider the GV60’s more expensive performance package.


Currently, Apple isn’t officially supporting the Genesis car model, but there are a few rumors floating around. One of these rumors is that Genesis is working on an Apple CarKey that works with its upcoming 2022 GV60 SUV. The new car will be able to unlock with an iPhone or Apple Watch, and will support Apple’s Wallet app. However, you’ll need to have an iPhone or Apple Watch with U1 chip and Ultra Wideband compatibility to use the Genesis Car Key.

Despite the fact that the CarKey system has been spotted in Apple Pay source code, it’s not the same thing. The digital keys for the Genesis brand are designed for Hyundai’s flagship sedan, the G90, and the GV60 electric car. The new digital keys will support Apple CarKey in the US and Korea, but it’s unclear when this feature will be available in other regions. In South Korea, the technology isn’t yet available, so we’ll have to wait and see.

However, Hyundai and Genesis cars should be compatible with the Apple CarKey feature in the coming months. Although Apple hasn’t officially announced the technology, carmakers such as Kia and Genesis have been working with the company to integrate the technology into their vehicles. Earlier this year, Samsung and Audi joined forces to develop software to support Apple CarKey. In the meantime, Kia and Genesis have announced a partnership to develop an Apple CarKey app.


Apple is planning to roll out a new feature called Apple car key in certain models of its cars. This new system will enable owners to unlock their car and start it by simply using their iPhone or Apple Watch. Apple announced the support for digital keys last year, and now the company has confirmed it will come to certain Genesis and Kia models in the near future. However, no further details have been released. The company has yet to announce when this new technology will be available in the US or any other market.

The technology will work with certain models of the BMW i3, i8, and i8. The CarKey agreement will cover models made by the company after 2020. The car key will be compatible with Samsung phones, and will have NFC and UWB capabilities. Samsung is also partnering with other automakers and has announced partnerships with Ford, BMW, and Audi. The company expects to announce more information in the coming weeks.

The company has added the 2022 Genesis GV60 and Kia Niro to its list of compatible models. This new feature will be available to owners of the models in 2020 and beyond. Kia has not commented on its availability, and Apple and Genesis did not comment. Nevertheless, if the company is able to get the technology, it is likely to make it available on some models of the future. It will be interesting to see if the new technology becomes widely available on a larger scale.


According to a new report, Apple is adding the Genesis car to its list of compatible vehicles. The Korean automaker owns the Genesis and Kia models. It was expected that Apple would include these cars after the company released code for iOS 15 that supported digital car keys. Kia has long been a potential candidate for the Apple CarKey, but now the Niro has been added as well.

The digital car key feature was first announced in January and will be available for select 2022 models. The list of cars that will be compatible has been updated, but the 2022 Kia Niro and Genesis G90 are among them. The system will allow iPhone and Apple Watch users to unlock, start, and park their car with their phones. In addition, Apple customers will also be able to access their keys by using the Apple Watch, making the digital car key feature redundant.

The digital car key for the Genesis model will work with models from the BMW iX, GV60 electric car, and G90 flagship sedan. The digital car key will also work with Hyundai and Kia vehicles. Although this feature will probably not be available for Hyundai vehicles in the US, it will be available for Kia Niro and Genesis GV60 models, which will make it compatible with Apple CarKey in that market.

GV60 electric car

In addition to offering a smooth ride, the Genesis GV60 comes with features that help the driver maintain a safe distance from other vehicles. Its ‘road preview’ system uses cameras to detect bumps and prepare the suspension for them. It also offers a suite of driving aides, including adaptive cruise control and lane assist. The cabin feels serene, although not overly minimalist.

The GV60 will have almost identical specifications as the Ioniq 5 electric cars. It will feature a larger battery pack, 77.4 kWh, as well as two trims – Advanced and Performance. The front motor on the Performance model is rated at 160 kW. The car will come with a variety of other standard features, including navigation and Bluetooth.

GV60 is built on the same platform as the Hyundai Ioniq 5. It is available in two trim levels – the GV60 Performance and the GV60 Advanced. Both have all-wheel drive and two electric motors. The GV60 Advanced model offers 314 horsepower, while the Performance version is more powerful, with 429 hp and 460 lb-ft of torque. It has an electric motor in each front wheel and a nitrous system reminiscent of a Fast and Furious movie.

The GV60 is the first electric Genesis automobile. It will be followed by a hybrid called the G80. Both of these models will feature a host of cool technologies. Apple Car Key is a common technology used for unlocking a car. The car is compatible with the iPhone Wallet, and its Apple Car Key and Samsung Pass paired with the technology will allow users to share a key with others or to revoke it at anytime.

2022 Genesis G90

According to a new report, Apple is bringing its digital car key system to the all-electric Genesis G90, GV60, and Kia Niro. The company has added a key symbol to its CarPlay site next to each vehicle that supports it. Previously, only a few models of BMW and Mercedes-Benz could support it. However, it now appears that these cars will all get Apple CarKey support.

Earlier this year, the technology became an iPhone exclusive, with only select BMW models able to support it. But as the feature continues to evolve, it has extended to Kia and Genesis. As of now, 18 models can support Apple’s digital car key feature. While there is still no official confirmation on whether or not the Genesis G90 and Kia GV60 will be compatible with the technology, the 2022 cars will.

As mentioned before, the Apple CarKey technology will debut on the luxury brand BMW in mid-2022. The system will allow iPhone owners to start and unlock their car without having to enter the code manually. The Apple CarKey technology piggybacks on Apple Pay, which is already a near-field communication (NFC) system. But it’s not just limited to BMW; other car makers are now adopting the technology as well.

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