How to Get Into the Tomb of Menkaure in Assassin’s Creed Origins

If you want to explore the tomb of Menkaure, you’ll need to know how to get in and out. The tomb has several secrets, including a secret chamber that will give you extra ability points. The secret chamber contains an ancient tablet that you can interact with to earn a bonus ability point.

Assassin’s Creed Origins

Assassin’s Creed Origins features a tomb that can be explored freely. The tomb is located in the northwestern corner of Giza. The tomb contains loot and ancient tablets. The first step is to get to the tomb’s entrance. It is located at the mouth of a large cave. Upon entering, you will encounter bandits that are Lv 17 and higher.

The game also includes a number of tombs that you can visit. After completing the main quests in Siwa, you can begin to explore the Tomb Locations map. This map contains 19 locations that you can explore. To purchase the map, you will need 200 online currency.

You’ll then need to find the Ancient Tablet of Menkaure. The tomb’s Treasure Room contains additional items that will aid you in the quest. You’ll also need to destroy planks on the ceiling. Once you’ve found the Ancient Tablet, you will be able to interact with it to earn an ability point.

The first chamber contains a weakened wall next to the entrance. Once you’ve climbed through the hole and are ready to enter the next chamber, you’ll need to loot the chest inside and pick up the Silica on the floor.

To access the tomb, you need to go south of the road that leads east to Saqqara / Giza. From there, you need to find the weakened wall and follow the beams of light until you reach a tunnel in the far corner of the room. Be sure to avoid enemies while you’re in this room. It’s a great place to start your Assassin’s Creed journey!

There are lots of bandits in the tomb, but you can make use of the foliage to stealthily kill them. The tomb contains three or four fragments. The Assassins Creed game unlocks Ancient Mechanisms inside them, allowing them to open the tomb.

The Tomb of Menkaure is the southern-most pyramid in the Giza region. It can be accessed through an opening on the north side of the pyramid. You can also find evidence of digging in the area, and stones that block the larger ingress. Neema will blame Anta for the theft, and point you in the direction of the tomb.


There are many ways to get into the tomb of Smenkkare, but the key to a successful visit is a leap of faith. The tomb is located south of Hermopolis in the Haueris Nome region. The entrance is accessed by either swimming in water or climbing up a series of stairs. In addition, you can also use an elevator to reach the tomb and jump onto a structure to continue your quest.

The tomb is one of the most famous tombs in Egypt, and is the only one where you can see the remains of Smenkhkare. It is a rare find, and there is no inscription to positively identify him. It is believed that he was in coregency with Akhenaten for most of his reign. However, there are many questions regarding his identity and his origin.

The tomb of Smenkhkare contains artifacts that date back to the Amarna Period. Some of these artifacts are also related to the pharaoh Neferneferuaten. This has sparked an academic debate regarding the order of pharaohs during this time. Some scholars believe that Smenkhkare did not reign alone, and others believe he was succeeded by Meritaten.

The tomb is located in the south west corner of the pyramid in the Haueris Nome region. The tomb has bamboo panels in the floor. To enter the tomb, use a torch to light the panels. Once inside, use the torch to destroy the seals on the door and climb back up to open it. Once inside, you will enter a brightly lit area with a pond. However, the tomb is infested with crocodiles.

Qeneb Too Kah’Aiye

If you have completed the Bayek’s Promise side quest, you can now get into the tomb of Menkaure. The tomb is located below the Great Sphinx. There is a crawlspace at the back that you can access. Once inside, you can examine the stone tablet for an ability point. The tomb is quite large, so you’ll have to make sure that you are ready for this challenge.

The Tomb of Menkaure is the southernmost pyramid of the Giza region. It can be accessed via an opening on the northern slope of the pyramid. You can then follow the steps below to find the treasure room and destroy the planks on the ceiling. During your exploration, you’ll have the opportunity to find additional objects and a secret passageway that leads to the Treasure Room.

The first room contains a small hole. Once you’ve found it, head north and then left to find a nearby wall. You’ll find a small door on the right. From here, head right. You’ll reach a room with hanging platforms. You’ll need to drop a rope reel from the stone platform and drag the jar rack to the higher platform.

The next room contains the Ancient Tablet, which you need to find before you can pass through the wall. If you’re using a torch, it will be easier to see where you’re going. There is also a secret passage in the tomb that will open up an area for you to explore.

During the construction of the Menkaure pyramid, the pyramid was damaged. A British Egyptologist named Howard Vyse found an entrance in 1837. He also discovered the coffin, which was probably made during the Late Period. However, he later found out that the coffin was a later replacement.

The Tomb of Menkaure is located in the northwestern part of the pyramid. It is filled with loot, and a second treasure room is located inside. Once you reach the second treasure room, you must find a stone tablet and light the wooden ceiling.


Seth-Anat is a tomb located in the Desheret Desert, the only thing in the region. You can enter it from either end. You can also enter from the west by riding into a crevasse. You will find an ancient tablet inside the tomb, so you will want to protect it by avoiding enemies.

The tomb entrance is a little tricky to find. To find it, you can either stumble into it randomly, follow the path of the sunbeams reflected in the mirrors, or use the Animus Pulse to highlight the treasure within the tomb. This guide focuses on the latter method.

The next room contains a cobra that you need to kill. You can also climb up the shaft to get to the tablet. Alternatively, you can simply use the hidden door on the right. This will take you to a room with a hanging platform. Once you’re on the hanging platform, you need to drop a rope reel and drag a jar rack to a higher platform.

After completing the first quest, you can move on to the next one. In the Giza region, the Tomb of Khafre is located on the north side of the Great Pyramid. Entering it can be tricky, but it’s well worth it once you’re inside. It contains three Treasures and Silica.

To enter the tomb, you’ll need to climb up a wall and enter the tomb. In order to do this, you’ll need to collect a small amount of silica and move on. The tomb is extremely dark and you’ll need to have a light source to see. The last tomb is the most difficult, but it is worth the effort.

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