How to Mount With Insect Glaive

The Insect Glaive is a great mount that lets you perform above-negligible damage on your target while in air. To mount, press R2 + Cross or X and attack the creature while airborne. You can also initiate mounting attacks with a bow if you are not at a higher vantage point.

Insect Glaive

Insect Glaive is a mount in World of Warcraft that gives you mobility and speed. While the mount does not block attacks, it can do AoE damage and buff your character. This mount can be crafted and enhanced by using kinsects. The kinsects can also attack at range and deal AoE damage. You can make your kinsects more powerful by adding elemental effects. There are three different types of kinsects.

Insect Glaives are equipped with a switch that can be found at the smithy. Players can equip them in any camp and they can change the type of insect they want to mount. The player can change their insect by pressing the R2 button, pressing the triangle or Y button, or pressing the circle on the controller.

Insect Glaives also give your character the ability to jump and evade mid-air. Jumping gives your character more maneuverability and increases the speed of evading attacks. You should pay attention to the different types of extracts when using this mount to determine which ones will work best. Red extracts will deal more damage while green extracts will give your character a health boost.

The Insect Glaive has its own special attack that is unique to this mount. It can perform spinning strikes in the air. As the strikes bounce back, they add a 10% buff to your attack. This attack can be used multiple times to increase the damage done. Besides that, you can also use the mount’s skills to make it more effective.

Insect Glaive can be obtained for 9000z from the Smithy. This mount can be used in combination with several Switch Skills to close the gap. By using the Insect Glaive, you can easily reach high locations and attack weak spots. This mount can also switch skills with Diving Wyvern to finish the mount.

Insect Glaive is a great mount for a player who loves jumping. This mount allows the player to perform Jumping Attacks and gather extracts from monsters. It will also boost your performance, mid-air, and mount ability.

Enhanced Insect Spiker

Insect Glaive is an attack exclusive to the Sunbreak expansion. It uses momentum to throw you up in the air. It also provides a Counterattack opportunity. This ability is only available when dashing. The damage output of this attack depends on the weapon’s extracts. For example, the Monarch Alucanid has two extracts.

It is a powerful mid-air technique that requires a glaive, wirebug, and a kinsect. Using this attack, you can quickly chain into the Vaulting Dance. This technique can be used to cover allies and inflict standing results.

Infinite combo

One of the best ways to mount with insect glaive is to use the “Infinite combo.” This combo is an infinite chain that can be used to strike the opponent indefinitely, until the attacker is knocked out. This attack is particularly useful if the player wants to exploit an opening.

It’s a great skill to mount monsters because it lets you collect extract, wear down the monster, and increase your damage. You can also use Maximum Might to maximize the amount of damage done with this skill. In addition, this skill helps you mount and perform better mid-air.

In addition to the Infinite combo, this mount also has a range of attack options. The aerial attack is particularly effective against large monsters, and the damage buff that comes from bouncing on top of the monster will stack. However, it’s important to note that the ground attacks do more damage, and they’re easier to land.

Insect glaive has many mechanical quirks. The first is that the mount allows for vaulting. This attack can be used from any position, so it’s important to watch where you’re going, or else you’ll leave yourself open to attacks. In addition to the vaulting mechanic, the Insect Glaive has a unique leap mechanic. It can vault from any position, and its effect can be enhanced. This mechanic also helps you keep a close eye on the environment, as vaulting allows you to anticipate attacks and get away.

Another important component in an Insect Glaive is a Kinsect. A kinsect can attach to the Insect Glaive to attack enemies from range. In addition, it can be used to provide AoE damage and buff your character. Buying these kinsects from a Smithy in the Workshop is a great way to make them more powerful. You can also improve them by adding elemental effects. Insect glaive can be mounted with the Culldrone or Mauldrone. Culldrones specialize in offensive attacks while Mauldrones specialize in healing.

The Insect Glaive is the perfect compromise between defense and attack. Its wide attack range and fast attack speed make it an excellent weapon for mounting monsters. Because of its high defense and attack speed, it is one of the few weapons in the game that can mount without the use of external aids.

Stamina cost

The damage done by Insect Glaive depends on the elemental weakness of the target monster. The weapon’s damage increases with red extract, but it also needs other extracts to be effective. In addition, it requires all three buffs to be active in order to use its full potential. Dual Color Kinsects are very useful in this regard, as they have two different colors and are easier to gather.

The Insect Glaive is an exclusive attack, and is available only in Sunbreak. The attack involves spinning forward, using momentum to jump up, and then dashing. You can use this attack to increase damage while avoiding an enemy attack. The Insect Glaive is very useful for applying statuses, triggering elemental damage, and hitting specific body parts. The attack also grants you a Counterattack opportunity if you are dashing.

This weapon is highly effective against a variety of different monsters and provides high damage and defense. The glaive can be upgraded by using Kinsects. Kinsects can also be evolved, increasing their damage output and flying speed. They can also be sent out to attack monsters, either directly from the hunter’s position, using pheromone Marking, or through aiming mode. Whenever they hit a monster, they drain their Extract, and provide a buff depending on the color of the Extract.

Mounting with Insect Glaive requires a certain amount of Stamina to perform. This is an important consideration when leveling up. It is a good idea to buy multiple Glaives so that you can increase your Stamina, but it is important to make sure you can afford all of them.

Luckily, the attack HA for IG is surprisingly decent. It goes off quickly, has a good MV, and can hit flying monsters. The attack’s range is not great, but it’s still decent and can finish a combo. If you’re a support-focused player, this is not the best choice. You should consider using Swarm instead.

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