How to Print From iPhone to Wireless Printer

Whether you’re using a Wi-Fi or AirPrint enabled printer or using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, you’ll find that the process for printing from your iPhone or iPad is almost identical. The first step in printing from your iOS device is to select the document you’d like to print, then tap the share button. The share button may be positioned differently depending on your device’s orientation, so you’ll need to make sure you see it to print. If your printer doesn’t support AirPrint, you can still use apps from the manufacturer.


If you’ve ever wondered how to print from iPhone to wireless printer using Airprint, this guide is for you. This technology makes printing from your iPhone simple, and it doesn’t require any downloads or driver installations. AirPrint is supported by almost every wireless printer and can be enabled by default. The first step to set up AirPrint is to download the free iOS app from the App Store. Then, go to Settings > General > About.

In addition to the Apple’s app, you can also download third-party software to print from your iOS device. You can download apps like Printopia and Printer Pro by Readdle to use the functionality of AirPrint, but they’re not necessary. You may need to setup an email address for the printer. This is usually set up during product registration or in some cases automatically. Alternatively, you can print directly from your printer’s own website or email.

Occasionally, the iPhone doesn’t detect the printer, or it displays an error message saying that “No AirPrint printers found.” If the printer doesn’t show up in the Apple app, it could be an issue with the router or the printer. Try power cycling your router and check if it fixes the problem. If you aren’t satisfied with the result, try resetting your iPhone to get it to work again.

First, open the settings on your iPhone. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi. You should then locate your printer in “OTHER NETWORKS” and tap the print file to print. Once you’ve printed, remember to switch back to your preferred Wi-Fi network. You can now print from your iPhone wirelessly. However, if you’re worried about using AirPrint, you can always try to use a USB OTG adapter instead of a wireless network.

The process to print from iPhone to wireless printer using Airprint is easy, and the device has many features. The iPhone can also scan and print documents. However, it’s important to note that the iPhone cannot print emails directly. If the printer can’t print e-mails, you must first open the mail from your email account. If this doesn’t work, the printer needs to be awake to receive the email.


If you’re not sure how to print from your iPhone to wireless printer using Bluetooth, follow these instructions. First, turn on Bluetooth on your iPhone. It’s very important to keep in mind that jailbreaking your iPhone will invalidate its warranty. Next, install WePrint, an application that relays printing instructions from your iPhone to your Bluetooth printer. WePrint works with both Windows and Mac computers. For a free trial version, visit the Eurosmartz website.

To pair your iPhone with your printer using Bluetooth, you’ll need to turn on your printer’s Bluetooth setting. Make sure that the Bluetooth icon is solid blue. Then, press the Bluetooth button to pair the two devices. Once your printer has been found, the iPrint&Scan app will display its name. Then, turn on the printer and press OK to complete the pairing process. Then, your printer is ready to go.

If you don’t have Wi-Fi enabled, go to Settings. Find the Bluetooth icon and tap the switch next to it. This will tell you if your printer supports Bluetooth. If it doesn’t, go back to the Settings and tap the switch next to it. If this doesn’t work, try turning on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Sometimes, this will fix the issue. Otherwise, try restarting your printer or router. You might also try turning Wi-Fi and Bluetooth off and on again.

You can also choose to add a different printer. Then, you can print images and documents to it. When you first connect the iPhone to the printer, you must ensure that the printer has an AC outlet and that the battery is fully charged. Then, you should wait for the printer to finish charging before beginning the printing process. It’s important to remember that this feature works only with the newer iOS version of Apple’s mobile operating system.

If you are looking for a way to print from iPhone to wireless printer, then you are in luck. You can print from your iPhone to a wireless printer with a few simple steps. First, make sure that the printer you are trying to connect to is connected to the same wireless network router as your iPhone. If you’re not sure how to do this, check the user manual of your printer. HP touchscreen printers require the use of the Wireless Setup Wizard.

Open Settings on your iPhone and tap on Bluetooth. Your printer should appear on the list of My Devices. Tap on the printer’s name to view more information about it. If it does not show up, tap the Forget This Device button to erase it. Then, go back to Settings and tap on the printer’s name to pair with it. Once you have paired the printer, your iPhone will automatically send printed documents to your printer.

Once you’ve connected the printer, open the iPhone’s printer app. Select your printer from the list. If you don’t have Wi-Fi connectivity, you can connect it to a USB OTG adapter and print. Make sure to switch back to your preferred Wi-Fi network once you’ve finished printing. You can also print without a Wi-Fi connection by connecting your iPhone to a USB cable.

If your printer doesn’t support AirPrint, you can still print using your iPhone. If you’ve got an iPhone or iPad running the latest iOS, you can download an app for your printer from the App Store. In this way, you’ll be able to choose a file that you want to print, and follow the instructions on the screen. With this application, you’ll be able to print documents from your iPhone within seconds.

The next step in printing from your iPhone is to connect your device to your printer. To connect, make sure that your printer is connected to the same WiFi network as your phone. Once you’ve connected your phone and printer to the same network, open the apps that you’re using and tap on the share icon. You can then choose to print the document or an image. If you’re printing a PDF file, the file you’ve sent will automatically be sent to the printer.


To use iPrint for printing from iPhone to wireless print, first go to Settings > General and tap on Wi-Fi. Then, tap on the “Printer” tab. You should see your printer listed in “CHOOSE A NETWORK” as well. Next, select the print file. If you’re using an older printer that doesn’t support wireless printing, you can use a USB cable or USB OTG adapter.

You can also print from your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch using third-party apps. These applications will often provide better control and functionality than AirPrint. Additionally, some printers may have their own email address that you must configure. Some of these email addresses can be set during product registration and some are even set up automatically. If you’re in an enterprise environment, you may need to request IT department approval before enabling iPrint from iPhone to wireless printer.

AirPrint isn’t necessary if your printer supports Wi-Fi printing. However, you may find third-party apps that bridge the AirPrint gap and connect your Apple devices to wireless printers. One such app is the Printopia 3 app, which allows you to connect any printer to your iPad via Wi-Fi. The app lets you choose which files you want to print and gives you instructions on the screen.

Apple’s latest updates may destabilize AirPrint. If you notice problems with AirPrint, roll back to the previous iOS version. If you’re still having issues, try updating the iOS version in Settings. High-end printers can host a Wi-Fi hotspot. You can also join the network of the printer to print. Afterward, you can select the printer from Printer Options. If the printer is AirPrint enabled, the print driver for it is built into the printer.

To cancel a print job, you can tap Cancel. You might need to wait for the printer to finish printing before you can do this. If you cannot, open the App Switcher and tap Print Center. Then select the print order and tap Cancel Printing. This will cancel the print job. If this doesn’t work, try cancelling it. Otherwise, your printer might have finished printing the document before you canceled it.

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