How to Restore iPhone Contacts From iCloud

There are many different ways to restore iPhone contacts from iCloud. If you have a backup of your contacts, you can import them into iTunes. However, you must be aware that the backup you create will overwrite any files currently stored on your iPhone. You should make sure that you have included your contacts in your backup.

iBackup Extractor

The best way to restore iPhone contacts from iCloud backup is to back up your iPhone. Fortunately, there are software tools that can help you restore contacts from a backup. One such tool is iBackup Extractor. This software will allow you to export contacts directly from your iTunes backup to your iPhone. You can also export your contacts to Outlook, Address Book, or Gmail Contacts.

One of the best things about iBackup Extractor is that it has the ability to automatically find your backups from iTunes. iTunes creates backups whenever you sync your iOS devices in the past. Using iBackup Extractor, you’ll be able to recover deleted files, photos, calendars, and more. What’s more, you can browse your backups and extract individual items.

iBackup Extractor can also extract contacts and other data from iPhone backups. With this software, you can view the contents of any backup on your computer, including contacts, call history, messages, and photos. It can also locate iPhone backups and export them to your computer in PDF format.

To install this program, follow the instructions on the installation screen. You will be prompted to enter a one-time verification code in order to sign in to the app. Once your verification code is confirmed, you can download the software and restore your iPhone contacts from iCloud.

Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone

Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone is a reliable data recovery tool for iPhone users. This program can restore lost or deleted iPhone contacts from iCloud backup. It also helps you recover other data, including bookmarks, calendar entries, and application data. Its powerful scanning technology is ideal for recovering lost data from Apple devices, including iPhones and iPads. Because Apple products are prone to water damage, viruses, and hacking, it is important to download a data recovery program that has a deep scan feature.

Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone can retrieve data from iOS devices including the latest iPhone, iPad, and iCloud backup files. It also supports restoring data from encrypted iTunes backup files. It is safe and secure to download and comes with periodic software updates. This means that your data is safe and secure even after it has been accidentally deleted or lost.

You can restore deleted iPhone contacts from iCloud and iTunes backup files with Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone. It can recover contacts from iPhones, iPads, and iTunes backup files and restore the data from these backups. The software can also restore lost or deleted WhatsApp messages, iMessages, and other data from iPhones.

Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone can also retrieve deleted call history from iPhones. It can restore your iPhone’s call log as well as deleted iMessages from iCloud. This is a great feature if you have lost your contacts on your iPhone. The software will recover the lost call history and display the contacts by category.

The software will scan all iCloud backup files and recover your files. Moreover, it has an enhanced scanning engine. It also has a feature that allows you to filter the files you want to recover by file type. This will enable you to retrieve your files from iCloud without losing the attachments.

This software has a very easy-to-use interface and provides fast, efficient recovery. It also includes helpful tutorials and features. It’s also effective in recovering deleted iPhone contacts and can also export the data from your iPhone to your computer.


If you’ve accidentally deleted iPhone contacts, or deleted the iPhone itself, you can restore them using iTunes. This method is similar to restoring contacts from iCloud backups. To do this, connect the iPhone to your computer. Select the device icon in the top-left corner of the iTunes window. Next, find the newest backup entry and click it. The program will then analyze the backed-up data and display the restored contacts.

Once you’ve finished restoring the contacts from your iCloud backup, you can use iTunes to restore the contacts back to your iPhone. Make sure to enable iCloud sync on your iPhone before you proceed. After you’ve done this, select the contacts option in iTunes and toggle it on and off. After this, your iPhone should display the restored contacts.

To restore the contacts from iCloud, you’ll first need to choose a backup. If you have multiple backups, choose a recent one. Restoring the backup will replace the old ones on the iPhone, but you won’t lose any of the newer data. Ensure that your iPhone is set to automatically back up to iCloud before you restore it. It’s also a good idea to wait for the restore process to complete before making any changes. Otherwise, you’ll risk overwriting the old data.

Restoring contacts from iCloud using iTunes is an older method, but it still works. To do this, connect your iPhone to your computer and open iTunes. Then, tap the iPhone icon. Once you’ve done that, click the “restore” button to restore the contacts. This process is a bit tedious and can overwrite the current data on your iPhone.

If your iPhone contacts are backed up to iCloud, you should be able to restore them by using the phone’s iCloud account. If you’re a user of Apple products, you’ll know that iCloud makes it easy to backup and sync your data between your Apple devices.

When using this method, you’ll need the latest backup file for the iPhone. If you don’t have one, you can choose AirDrop to restore your contacts. However, you’ll need to make sure that you have AirDrop on both devices. You’ll also need to have your iPhone’s iCloud account ready before you begin the process.

Gihosoft Free iPhone Data Recovery

Gihosoft Free iPhone Data Recovery is a useful tool that helps you restore lost data from your iPhone. It works to recover various types of content including emails, photos, contacts, calendars, reminders, voicemail, and more. It is compatible with iOS systems up to the iPhone XS Max. With a simple, user-friendly interface, Gihosoft is perfect for recovering your deleted files from any storage device.

The application is very safe to use, since it does not leak any data. Users who have used it say that they have experienced no problems. However, it is worth noting that you can only recover data if you’ve backed up your iPhone with iTunes or iCloud. This is because deleted data will be overwritten by new data over time. As such, data recovery is never guaranteed, and it can take time to scan through all of your data.

Before you start the process of restoring your data from an iCloud backup, you should first clear out the data on your iPhone. Then, sign in to iCloud and select the backup that you want to recover. You can then export your data in an easily-readable format.

Another useful feature of this software is that it allows you to preview the recovered data. It marks recoverable files with a special icon and distinct color. This helps you distinguish the deleted files from the existing ones. You can also export the recovered text files to a computer and read or print them.

Another great feature of this software is that it works with most iOS devices. It supports iPhone 7/7/7, iPhone 6/6, iPhone 5S/5C/5, iPhone 4, and iPad Mini 4/3/2. It’s also compatible with iCloud and can restore deleted photos and videos. The software can also be used to back up other kinds of data on your iPhone.

If you have lost your contacts, Gihosoft Free iPhone Data Recovery can help you restore them from iCloud. It also supports iOS 12.9 and iOS 12/11. You can download it for free from its website and install it on your computer to recover your deleted contacts.

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