How to Turn a Spotify Fan Into a Superfan


As a music brand, your ultimate goal is to turn your casual fans into superfans, so make sure that you use the right communication channels and provide the right content to keep them interested. If you can do this, you’ll be able to create the kind of fandom that you’ve always wanted.


Spotify has launched a feature called ‘Today’s Top Fan’ that shows the three most popular songs in a user’s account, as well as the number of times each song was listened to. One of the superfans who recently posted on Twitter was Marshmello, who commented on the post. Superfans are a growing segment of the music scene, and they are driving the music economy. Spotify executives have said that superfans will play a huge role in monetization for artists.

Since the Spotify Top Fans feature started, users have been sharing their findings on social media. Some users have reported that they received notifications stating that they were among the top 1% of listeners for specific artists. Interestingly, these notifications only come to people who have specifically requested them. They also tell users which songs and artists have been played the most.


As the Head of Creator Insights at Spotify, Shane Tobin is one of the biggest fans of the streaming music service. Prior to joining Spotify, Tobin was a part of the Echo Nest, a company that was acquired by Spotify in 2014. While there, he helped build a global network of intimate live music venues, house concerts, and music festivals. As of last month, the company had hosted over 600 shows and featured over 25,000 artists.

As a music streaming service, Spotify is now looking to develop new revenue streams for musicians and artists. To achieve this, it is looking for fans who are “high-passion” about music and who are willing to spend money to see artists. These fans have been shown to spend five times more than non-superfans on concerts. If Spotify can create ways to make these fans more profitable, it can make a huge difference in the success of arena shows like Ed Sheeran or smaller acts like Joywave.

Spotify’s Top Fans feature isn’t new, but its implementation has been tweaked a bit. The company sends notifications to the top 1% of fans of a certain artist. These notifications show the top songs and artists and the most played songs.


Wilson became a superfan when she heard that Chase Rice was opening for her in the UK in 2018. She was walking her dog when she heard her song “Middle Finger” and became instantly enamored. She is a big fan of Carrie Underwood, Luke Combs and Brad Paisley, too. Wilson also introduced her to other female country artists such as Kastyndall and Meghan Patrick.

Wilson was a pioneer of R&B music when he was a member of the band Gap Band, who amassed a legion of fans over their decade-long career. The group’s songs have crossed generations and helped them become a major force on the charts. The band also became a go-to collaborator for many other stars.

Since then, the app has been sending notifications to people who are among the top 1% of Spotify users for certain artists. These notifications are sent only to users who have requested them. These notifications let users know which artists and songs have received the most play time. Spotify has also added a ‘Top Artist’ slide.

Another superfan is Billie Eilish. The pop star reportedly went on to announce that she will be appearing on an episode of the hit TV show. The actress has been a long-time fan of the comedy series and has even admitted to watching the series for the fifteenth time. Spotify hired in-house producers to deliver the content and is planning a full-scale launch of shows in 2021.


Spotify has a powerful database of music fans. This information can help artists plan tours and increase revenues. In addition, it can help artists recognize their superfans. A Spotify superfan spends over five times as much as a casual listener. Those who spend this much can buy concert tickets and other merchandise. They can help artists from major players like Ed Sheeran to emerging artists like Joywave.

Spotify is also focusing on superfans at SXSW this year, giving them access to private recording sessions with their favorite bands. It’s a way to reward the most dedicated listeners. The company has introduced a new program called “Fans First,” which rewards superfans with exclusive perks and discounts. The company’s emails to superfans get five to ten times the open rates of most marketers.


Kayleigh Lewinton is a devoted country music fan. She has listened to the music of many country stars, including the ever-popular Lainey Wilson. The singer’s “Waste of Good Whiskey” is one of her favourite songs. She was so taken with the song that Wilson gave her the mic to perform it at the C2C after-party. Lewinton credits Wilson with introducing her to several new country acts, including Kastyndall, Meghan Patrick, and Luke Combs.


Giggs, who is now signed to adidas, is a huge fan of music streaming service Spotify. He recently hosted a boat party for the 100 most-streamed users of Spotify, where he played songs from his new album. The event was captured by Link Up TV.

Giggs has teamed up with the streaming service to promote UK music. He is a big fan of the rap, grime and afrobeat scenes and has worked with the streaming service on a number of occasions. He also teamed up with Spotify for the #Wamp2dem festival and #WhoWeBe concert series. He also worked with the company to identify the 100 most-streamed fans of his music, and invited them to the concerts.

The music streaming service has a unique approach to identifying superfans. Instead of having a traditional contest, Spotify will send a special email to a portion of its users who have the most listening time to their artists. This email opens nearly 40 percent of the time, which is five to ten times higher than typical email open rates. Spotify has used the messages to determine which artists and bands have the biggest fan bases.

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