How to Upgrade Staff of Herding in Reaper of Souls

The Staff of Herding is one of the strongest weapons you can equip in Reaper of Souls. This weapon can be upgraded by spending Legendary Materials. To learn how to upgrade the Staff of Herding, read the information in this guide. It will give you an overview of the process and help you upgrade this weapon quickly and easily.

Legendary Materials required for upgrading the Staff of Herding

To craft a Staff of Herding in Reaper of Souls, you’ll need four Legendary Materials. These ingredients are primarily found in Whimsyshire (not to be confused with Whimsydale), a new zone accessible through a portal from the Rainbow Goblin. The materials needed to craft the Staff of Herding can be found on the Staff of Herding page, where you can also find details on the crafting process and possible rewards.

You’ll also need a Gibbering Gemstone, which can be found in Chiltara in the Caverns of Frost. This gem can be obtained from a few NPC merchants, including Gorell the Quartermaster.

Legendary Materials are required to craft legendary items and sets. While you can obtain regular materials from salvaging items, you’ll need legendary materials to craft set items, which are coveted items in the game. Getting legendary materials is tricky, as they don’t drop frequently and can be difficult to find.

Prerequisites for upgrading the Staff of Herding

In Diablo III, upgrading the Staff of Herding will allow you to access Whimsyshire, a zone that can be accessed through the Rainbow Goblin portal. You need five different materials to craft this staff, and you need to farm for them. In addition, you need to have an item level of 1 in the Crafting category, so that you can craft the Staff of Herding.

To craft this staff, you will need 150K gold and the materials needed to build it. Once you have these materials, you can start building the Staff of Herding. You can get the materials to build it in a few ways, including the infamous “Mysterious Cave”. You can also loot the Staff of Herding from Zeven the Alchemist, who is a legendary ally found outside of the southern Oasis.

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