Persona 5 Guide – How to Beat Kaneshiro

In Persona 5, you’re faced with the mafia boss Shadow Kaneshiro. His tactics include using blackmail, summoning a Bodyguard-for-Hire, and using the Piggytron. Fortunately, there are ways to beat him. Here’s a quick guide.

Shadow Kaneshiro is a mafia boss in Persona 5

Shadow Kaneshiro is one of the mafia bosses in Persona 5. His role is to keep the Persona 5 group from making any major discoveries, and it’s up to the player to decide whether or not to help him. When Kaneshiro first meets Sae, he threatens her with turning her into a sex slave. However, Sae fights back and defeats her Shadow guards.

Kenichi despises Kaneshiro but refuses to leave the mafia organization. But he cannot resist the temptation of the mafia boss and must keep up with his blackmailing. The mafia boss is a powerful man and knows that he can get anything he wants. However, this doesn’t stop him from trying to keep his people alive.

As the mafia boss of Persona 5, Shadow Kaneshiro is a man obsessed with money. He’s very wealthy, but only spends what’s necessary to run his branch of the mafia. This is a far cry from his former life, where he was a poor, desperate man who used blackmail to make money. In the process, he “worked himself” from rags to riches.

Shadow Kaneshiro’s voice is a mixture of Japanese and English. He often speaks in an intimidating tone and uses formal language. However, when he wants to attack someone, he uses a loud flamboyant tone. His dialogue is made up of many English and Japanese words, with some sentences written in Katakana.

He uses blackmail

Kaneshiro is a mafia boss who rose to prominence through blackmail. He is very well-guarded and elusive, but he has a knack for blackmail. One of his most notorious scams involves getting high school students to hand over an envelope containing drugs. The scammer then blackmails the victim for money, threatening them with exposure to their school.

In order to get the money, Kaneshiro’s group enlists the help of a grunt. This grunt has a calling card, which they read aloud. This allows Kaneshiro to find out that all of Shibuya knows the grunt’s name and crimes. He then forces the grunts to hand over all their earnings, and threatens them if they don’t do so.

In the elevator room, the controls for the elevator are located. If you can reach the elevator, you can ride it up to the top of the building. If you can’t reach the upper floor, go back to the lower levels and crawl through a vent in the basement. Once you have gotten to Kaneshiro’s area, you can take the stairs on the right or the left. If you take the left stairs, there are fewer enemies. The right stairs, on the other hand, have more enemies and two treasure chests.

Kenichi is an employee of Kaneshiro and wants to get away from the situation, but he can’t. After all, he is a former member of Phantom Thieves. This makes the situation even more difficult for him. When Makoto asks for help, he reluctantly agrees to do so, but he warns Makoto against becoming a dead weight.

He summons a Bodyguard-for-Hire and a Hitman-for-Hire

Having risen to a position of power within the mafia, Kaneshiro is not the most trustworthy man. He is an untrustworthy conman and is often out to get money from his victims. In this role, he often uses blackmail to obtain money from teenagers.

When fighting Shadow Kaneshiro, you need to be aware of his status bars, because they affect his ability to deal damage. If he does not have the money to hire bodyguards, his guards will leave him and his attacks will not be effective. This means that Kaneshiro will spend his turns “being remorseful” and not attacking.

The hitman is an odd profession. He is hired to kill people, and usually gets paid in exchange for doing so. It is a form of contract killing, where the hitman enters into an agreement with a third party, albeit illegally, to take out a target. The person paying the hitman may be an individual with a vendetta, a criminal organization, or even a government dispatching political enemies.

The Phantom Thieves are a group of conmen living in Tokyo. These men are able to pull off such blatant schemes because they have a high amount of wealth. They even attempt to recruit high school students to deliver envelopes to coin lockers in exchange for a handsome paycheck. Afterwards, the scammer uses the victim’s identity to blackmail him for money and to expose him to the rest of his classmates.

He demands money from the Thieves

In the original game, Kaneshiro is voiced by Kazunari Tanaka, while the animated series is voiced by Takahiro Fujimoto. Regardless of language, the main character has the same vile personality. He sees people as a source of money, and has been known to sell people as sex slaves. He even keeps Sae as a personal toy.

Kaneshiro is a ruthless crime lord who is obsessed with wealth. His giant room is dedicated to money. He is a threat, and the gang must deal with him. This criminal, accompanied by his loyal followers, has a reputation for being a blackmailer, and Makoto is disgusted by his behavior.

The final boss in the game is Kaneshiro, and his location has recently changed. The palace that is a shadow of Shibuya, now serves as the Kaneshiro’s home. It’s not easy to get in here, but the rewards can be great. There are two treasure chests in Kaneshiro’s castle.

After Kunikazu’s death, the public’s opinion of the Phantoms falls. In the wake of this, Futaba notices a fake calling card in Kobayakawa’s office, and the gang believes it’s a set-up. The Phantoms are now on the run, but Sae is assigned to investigate them. Meanwhile, Futaba deduces that the Phantoms were attacked by a hacker, and that the person who impersonated Medjed must be behind the crime.

He distracts them with moves that cancel status ailments

Shadow Kaneshiro uses his Bael form to fight with the Piggytron robot, using a combination of HP sacrifice and HP recuperation. This attack takes a while to whittle down the Piggytron’s health. In the end, you can defeat the robot, but it will only slow down for a short time.

After Kaneshiro distracts them with his moves, they’ll be forced to attack, which makes him very dangerous. It’s also possible to distract them with items like a nice item. However, if the party already has a Kaneshiro, throwing an item won’t help. The next step is to fight the boss in the Treasure room.

Shadow Kaneshiro’s Shadow Form has a move called “Make It Rain,” which deals 70 percent of the enemy’s HP. The attack can’t be fatal in the primary form, but in its secondary form, it can be devastating.

While fighting shadow Kaneshiro, Mona recommends using an expensive item to distract him. It will cause him to stop rolling and spend two turns immobile. However, the item itself isn’t necessary. The Piggytron can be damaged with Physical and Magic attacks.

The Shadow Kaneshiro boss fight is one of the most difficult to beat in Persona 5. This boss battle is split into two phases: a normal attack and an attack that cancels status ailments. The second phase involves a boss battle with Junya, who uses Evil Touch, a move that will inflict Fear on his opponents. The Energy Drop and Energy Shower can be used to heal the fear status.

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